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Workout Locations
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Top Spots in Moscow for Exercising Outdoors

The gym isn't the only place where you can work out — there are also dedicated spots all over the city. There is a huge variety of ways to get exercise. You can do it yourself without any equipment, or even incorporate ordinary park benches into your workout. Outdoor exercise isn't limited to pull-ups. It can also be a challenging sport in its own right that even has its own championships.

And it really is wonderful: the birds singing, the trees rustling in the wind, a river or a pond gleaming nearby—it doesn't get more beautiful than that! Exercising in an environment like this makes your workout even more enjoyable, plus you can take a walk around the area afterwards. We're going to tell you about some places in Moscow where you can become 'faster, higher, stronger'.

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Anyone who wants to get in shape while admiring the beauty of nature can do so at Luzhniki. The facilities here include seven workout areas. Five are situated along the Luzhnetskaya Embankment, one between Festivalnaya Square and the open-air Aqua Complex, and the largest is located by the Water Sports Palace. All seven remain open all year round and have a special coating so that visitors can exercise without having to worry about their health.


Another large workout area can be found at VDNH. The so-called Pond Area has a sports complex suitable for beginners and experienced athletes alike. The sports complex even has makiwara striking posts, which martial arts enthusiasts can use for practice.

Neskuchny Garden

The workout area in Neskuchny Garden offers 400 square metres of parallel, wall and horizontal bars, as well as practically everything an athlete of any age or training level could need. The whole family can exercise here—advanced athletes can take on the obstacle course, while older visitors may prefer to use special equipment such as low bars.

Victory Park

Situated between the Alley of Partisans and the Alley of Soldiers, the workout area in Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill has something for fans of a wide variety of sports, from tennis and soccer to powerlifting and basketball. The facilities are suitable for people with reduced mobility and are open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


Five Rules for Working Out

It's best to choose exercises that are appropriate to your state of health and your fitness level. If the last time you did any kind of physical activity was back in school, trying to beat Olympic records is not only over-ambitious but can also be quite dangerous. You should consult your doctor before starting any new forms of exercise, as certain activities may end up doing more harm than good. If this is your first time exercising outdoors, it would be best to watch an instructional video first or to work out in a group. Once you've been given instructions by a trainer, you can proceed with individual training.

While it is possible to work in jeans, it certainly isn't comfortable. Try wearing clothes that don't restrict your movements. The same applies to your shoes—as beautiful as your high heels may be, you can leave them at home. Instead, bring your favourite pair of trainers with good grip. If you're worried about getting blisters while doing pull-ups, it's worth taking a pair of sports gloves with you. While working out in hot weather, it's essential to wear a cap to protect yourself from the sun. In cooler weather, make sure to wear a windbreaker or a jacket to keep yourself warm once you've finished exercising.

Warm up before you start exercising. This helps your cardiovascular system to get into exercise mode. Listen to your body. If you start feeling any pain or discomfort, take a break from your workout. If you feel dizzy or nauseous, sit down and wait until you feel normal again. It's best to finish your workout with a cooldown in order to catch your breath and let your muscles relax.

Remember to drink plenty of water to maintain your body's water-salt balance and avoid dehydration. This will prevent you from feeling weak during your workout.

Don't push yourself too hard right away. Increase the intensity of your exercises gradually. This gives your body time to adjust to a more active lifestyle.

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