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Warm-ups presented by Moscow Ballet dancers


Weekly morning warm-ups programme from professional ballet dancers


The warm-up is led by Eduard Akhmetshin, an artist of the classical troupe of the Theatre Ballet Moscow, director and instructor of the Arrondie ballet studio.


The warm-up is led by Alexey Narutto, a dancer at the Theatre Ballet Moscow, contemporary cast.


The warm-up is led by Roman Mustafin, dancer at the Theatre Ballet Moscow, contemporary cast.


The warm-up is led by Semyon Ilyin, a dancer at the Theatre Ballet Moscow, classical ballet cast.


The warm-up is led by Alexander Shuisky, a dancer at the Theatre Ballet Moscow, contemporary cast, an instructor at the TSEKH Contemporary Dance Centre, tutor at the Gogol School Physical Theatre Laboratory, choreographer of multiple performances in various genres.


The warm-up is led by Ilya Romanov, a dancer at the Theatre Ballet Moscow, contemporary cast.


The warm-up is led by Kamila Mogileva, a dancer at the Theatre Ballet Moscow, contemporary cast, an instructor at the ETO Dance School.

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Theatre Ballet Moscow is one of the most passionate choreographic theatres in Russia. Its guiding principle is the smooth synthesis of classics and new approaches. The group of the Theatre includes two dance companies: contemporary and ballet. The repertoire of Theatre Ballet Moscow features original pieces by Russian and foreign choreographers created especially for its dancers. Theatre Ballet Moscow gives performances on stages of the leading theatres of Moscow.

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