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Top 8 Most Beautiful Walks in Nighttime Moscow


Pedestrian Zones, Picturesque Bridges and More

You can find a lot of beautiful and unusual places during a walk across nighttime Moscow. Over the past several years, many Moscow parks and pedestrian zones have been equipped with lighting devices under the My District programme; numerous arches, swings, fountains, and art objects now feature beautiful illuminations.

The Park of Light: Swings and a Magic Forest

Бибирево парк света_Арка с фонарями_вече.jpg

Unusual lighting in a park can be an attraction in itself. In 2019, a new recreation space opened in Bibirevo: a Park of Light was built to replace a regular small square. The park has several dedicated spaces with illumination where residents of the district can spend their evenings: a workout area, two modern children's playgrounds, and a dog walking area. The park's illuminated attractions include large circular swings with LED lights (suitable for children and adults), the 'magic forest' area with bright lights, and eye-catching arches that illuminate walking paths.

A cute detail is a sculpture representing a family of beavers, right by the entrance to the park. Beavers are the symbols of Bibirevo District.

Lianozovsky Promenade: the Lights of Art Nouveau Dachas

Лианозовский променад подсветка район Лианозово

The design of this pedestrian zone in Uglichskaya Street is related to the history of Lianozovo District. In the beginning of the 20th century, it was a dacha (village house) district with Art Nouveau-style buildings occupied by Moscow-based entrepreneurs. The dachas have not survived: the houses were demolished and the area was turned into a regular pedestrian zone.

It all changed in 2019 when the district was renovated: it now features snow-white illuminated arches that mimic the roofs of dachas in Lianozovo, summer houses with chess tables and recreation areas, and swings for children and adults in the same style. The walking area has become very attractive and instantly turned into one of the residents' favourite locations for evening strolls.

Zaryadye Park: Glass 'Bark' and the Floating Bridge

Парк Зарядье-ночь (1)

After the sunset, it's worth visiting Zaryadye Park in the centre of Moscow. At nighttime, the roof of the Concert Hall lights up: the glass 'bark' is made of panels powered by solar batteries.

The façades of nearby houses, lanes, a pond, and alleys have also been illuminated. The Floating Bridge is another spot with magical atmosphere: not only is the bridge illuminated, but it also offers a beautiful view of Moscow's night lights.

City Square in Moscow-City: Light and Music Amidst Skyscrapers

Москва Сити (4).jpg

The Moscow-City Business Centre is not just one of the main business platforms in the Russian capital but also a popular recreation spot. It offers a stunning view of the skyscrapers of the business district and Presnenskaya Embankment and has plenty of shops, cafés, and restaurants.

The area also has a new public space: a square with an amphitheatre shaped as a hill with pergolas and multi-level walking areas. It has a light fountain in the middle and a concert hall with a huge clock on the roof. It's set to host light and music shows in the evening all year round. For that reason, the façade of the concert hall will be equipped with stroboscopes and lighting fixtures.

Victory Park in Zelenograd: Fountains and a Bridge

Парк Победы в Зеленограде район.jpg

The Victory Park in Zelenograd has also been renovated. The Cascade fountain shaped like a staircase has been refurbished and now boasts multi-colour artistic lighting. The Large City Pond has three new floating fountains with 17 water jets per each fountain, rising as high as 8 metres; the pattern of water motion has 13 variants. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the fountains from the new footbridge with special flooring and floor lighting which makes it look like a moon glade at nighttime.

Pedestrian Zone in Samora Machel Street: Moon-Shaped Swings and Patterns on the Paths

ул. Саморы Машела.jpg

The space between residential buildings in Samora Machel Street in Moscow's Obruchevsky District is home to yet another pedestrian zone created under the My District programme. Here visitors can hop on a moon-shaped swing or enjoy the beautiful light patterns on walking paths. The multi-level space also hosts several children's playgrounds where kids are safe to play in the evenings.

Stargazer Garden and Arch Alley in Sokolniki Park

Сад астрономов.jpg

One of the most memorable objects in Sokolniki Park is the alley composed of round arches with lighting fixtures that looks exactly like a vintage photograph. But visitors can use this light corridor not only in the evening: the arches are illuminated during daytime as well.

The park is perfect for walking and learning more about space objects. It's home to the Stargazer Garden — a model of the Solar System that lights up in the dark and shows different planets and orbits. In 2019, models of planets were replaced with more realistic ones, so it's all very interesting and educational.

The Boulevard Ring: Evening Rainbow

Покровский бульвар.jpg

If you don't feel like going too far from the city centre, you can just walk along the boulevards. Projectors installed on carved cast-iron lanterns create intricate patterns on walking paths. Trees are also illuminated with multi-coloured lights. You can see the illumination on Sretensky, Strastnoy, Petrovsky, Pokrovsky, and Tverskoy boulevards. The last one, by the way, is perfect for long walks, as it stretches for 872 metres.

Мой Район

My Region programme of the Moscow Mayor offers equal development terms for all city districts considering their specifics. The programme takes into account the opinions and needs of residents of specific districts, builds new spaces for recreation, sports, and cultural entertainment, renovates old ones, and creates a convenient urban environment. From now on, a comfortable and modern city is not just about the city centre.

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