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Lighthouse, Aeroplane, and Exciting Physics


Top 6 Children's Playgrounds in Moscow

A playground is a space where children not only get to play but also experience new things, learn to communicate with each other, and develop their creative imagination. Over the past few years, many interesting and modern playgrounds where children can have a good time and learn new things have emerged in Moscow. Find out which ones are worth visiting first.

Fireworks Playground in Gorky Park

In 2018, a new playground titled 'Salut' ('Fireworks') was opened in Gorky Park near the Pionersky Pond, the Green School children's centre, and the educational centre of the Garage Museum. It has become the largest playground in the country and a true 'revolutionary' amongst other play spaces.


The Fireworks playground consists of nine different spaces for playing and creative activities, each associated with a substance (sand, water), a phenomenon (sound), or a characteristic (colour, shape, size, texture). The playground boasts facilities for all types of games: adventure games, object games, physical, semi-extreme, and experimental games. Building a water mill? Sure. Digging up a dinosaur skeleton? Why not. Flying above the ground? No problem.


Play areas cater to all senses, which gives children visual, audio, and tactile experiences. The Fireworks playground also has a so-called Mega-swing: a huge ellipsoidal complex with 29 different swings for children and adults, unlike anything else in the world.

Location: 9 Krymsky Val Street

Aerodrome in Khodynka Field Park

Aviation was the main theme in decorating a children's playground in the new Khodynka Field Park for a reason: the park was built on wasteland once occupied by the Central Airfield named after M. V. Frunze.

The playground offers all the necessary scenery for role-playing games: all you need is to use your imagination (and find a company). The central element of the space is an aeroplane — a complex play structure with ladders, slides, and twists. The sky-blue colour of the floor area symbolises the sky.

Парк Ходынское поле район Хорошевский (2).jpg

Artificial hills represent the clouds; they have small built-in trampolines to help the kids fly. A large hill with metal slides symbolises a rainbow. The playground also includes numerous tunnels, stairs, slides, and labyrinths — in the game, the plane flies above all of these objects.

Location: Khodynsky Boulevard, CSKA metro station

Water Complex in the Pryamikov Children's Park

After a large-scale reconstruction in 2017, the Pryamikov Children's Park gained its first interactive water playground in Moscow — a play complex perfect for exciting experiments. Archimedes' screw, scales, bowls, and drainage channels allow little researchers to learn the simplest laws of physics through practice as they play with water and sand.

Детский парк им. Прямикова.JPG

There are several water stations in the playground that use the principle of a water pumping facility: you can pump water by raising and lowering the lever. A jet of water set in motion runs through a maze of funnels and grooves and hides in the sand at the end of the route. Bring along a toy scoop and molds so you can build real dams.

Location: Bldg. 1, 15A Taganskaya Street

Origami in Salaryevo

The objects in one of the largest children's spaces in New Moscow look like origami figures. The unspoken motto of this playground is 'Potential for a million games'.

Origami has a strong eco-component: the playground and its objects are made of natural materials (wood, stone, sand, woodchips) to help children develop tactile sensations. The architects aimed to engage children in the fascinating process of getting to know the world of nature: they created relief hills and a real pond with rapids and a dam.

Московский_ЖК Саларьево детская площадка «Оригами».JPG

Young researchers will enjoy a high mountain-pipe, a bungee, and movable bridges, creative individuals will appreciate a music path and drawing surfaces, and parents are bound to fall in love with comfortable hammocks, sun loungers, and nest swings.

Location: Block 77, Moskovsky settlement

Neftegrad at VDNH

The Neftegrad theme playground is located near the Oil Industry Pavilion at VDNH; it was inspired by an oil refinery with towers and pipes. The main function of this playground is educational. The play space introduces children to the full cycle of operations in an oil and gas company — geological exploration, oil production, refining, transportation, and sales.


Neftegrad consists of more than 20 game elements, all of which are interesting and unusual. It has four stylised play complexes with slides and climbing elements ('Offshore Oil Production Platform', 'Oil Refinery', 'Fuel Truck', 'Race Car'), as well as a variety of trampolines, rockers, slides, labyrinths, and interactive panels.

Location: Bldg. 25, 119 Prospect Mira

Children's Playground in the Green River Park

A children's playground in the Green River Park is an island of nature in the urban jungle. The playground is located in the former Hammer and Sickle industrial zone in the south-east of Moscow where active reconstruction is underway. The project was implemented by world-famous creative bureaus, LDA Design and UHA London. In terms of design, this is one of the most unusual creations of this format in Moscow: the playground looks as if fairy giants were playing with logs and sticks here and then left a creative mess behind them.

Зеленая река.jpg

The park gives children the opportunity to take a break from the big city. The playground's equipment is very simple: it's not about being as extreme and high-tech as possible but about the peace, warmth, and safety of natural materials. That also inspires children to create different game scenarios: role plays, competitive and research games. The playground is divided into two age zones: for children aged 1–7 and for children aged 7–12. The centrepiece of the area is a 7-metre lighthouse made of oak beams with a rope labyrinth inside. A large sandbox with a manual excavator in the toddler area is also very interesting. The playground boasts trampolines, balance beams, and rope structures for outdoor activities, as well as nest swings for relaxing in peace.

Location: 3b Nevelskoy Proezd

Мой Район

My Region programme of the Moscow Mayor offers equal development terms for all city districts considering their specifics. The programme takes into account the opinions and needs of residents of specific districts, builds new spaces for recreation, sports, and cultural entertainment, renovates old ones, and creates a convenient urban environment. From now on, a comfortable and modern city is not just about the city centre.

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