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Top 5 Eye-Catching Fountains in Moscow


Places to Watch Impressive Light Shows in Moscow

Many Moscow fountains have beautiful illumination, but some of them can put up full-on light shows for city residents. The play of light and water is mesmerising and fascinates children and adults alike. That's why Moscow takes great care of its landmark light fountains and opens new ones.

Light and Music Fountain in Tsaritsyno

Фонтан в Царицыно фото mos.ru_caricino3(4).jpg

The fountain in Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve is one of the most famous fountains in Moscow. The fountain complex is located in the waters of Middle Tsaritsyno pond. The size of the fountain is very impressive: it reaches 52 metres in diameter and consists of over 800 jets. The water in all of them rises as high as 15 metres.

The fountain was a gift for city residents on Moscow's 860th anniversary in 2007, and it has since been considered one of the most popular landmarks in the Russian capital. During warm seasons, it attracts thousands of people, especially in the evening when the fountain lights up thanks to over 3,000 underwater lights.

But the fountain in Tsaritsyno is known not only for its illumination but also for the music. The music turns on after each sunset: illuminated water streamlets start dancing to classical pieces by Russian and international composers.

Fountain on Birzhevaya Square

Фонтан на Биржевой площади.jpg

For a long time, Birzhevaya Square was occupied by a huge parking lot, but in 2017–2018 the space in front of the Stock Exchange building was redesigned for pedestrians and started a new life. Instead of a bunch of cars, it now features a large square, and its main attraction is a circular fountain.

This construction is unlike anything else in Moscow. The fountain is shaped like a tilted circular plate (which is why it is sometimes compared to a rouble coin) and it differs from other Moscow fountains because it is... half-dry. On one side, spray nozzles are hidden below the surface, and on the other — the water pours into a large pond. It's hardly possible to walk on the fountain, but it's easy to have a good time nearby. It is surrounded by a convenient wooden platform that people can sit on.

Depending on the time of day, the fountain has different regimes: during the day, it often looks minimalist and barely rises above the ground, but in the evening it turns into a true light and music fantasy. Water jets illuminated with bright colours reach several metres in height, accompanied by popular Russian and international music pieces.

Figure Fountain in Gorky Park

Фонтан в парке Горького.jpg

Gorky Park's main fountain is a historical landmark. It was constructed in the 1930s together with the park, although back then it was located closer to Krymsky Val Street. In 1955, the large-scale construction was moved to the centre of the recreation area, and a quarter of a century later, it was equipped with colourful lighting — for the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

Park guests were enjoying the light fountain for almost 40 years, but in 2018 it was closed for repairs to fix cracks, replace the bottom of the pond, and repair pumping equipment.

The renovated fountain was opened for the new season in the spring of 2019. During warm seasons, it attracts people from all over the city, especially in the evening when water jets are changing colours and dancing to classical music.

Dry Fountain in Khodynka Field Park

Сухой фонтан в парке «Ходынское поле».jpg

Dry fountains, i.e. the ones that do not have a visible pond to collect the water, are getting more and more popular in Moscow. Khodynka Field Park, which was constructed in 2018 under the My District programme in Moscow, boasts a dry fountain that occupies an area of almost 800 square metres.

The placement of the jets allows park guests to walk in between them, trying not to get wet. Over 200 springs operate in different modes and rise as high as 2 metres.

At nighttime, the fountain gets completely transformed with dynamic illumination and music. Water jets are dancing in sync: they can jump and leave water behind in the air or mimic a wave.

Cascade Fountain in the Victory Park in Zelenograd

Фонтан «Каскад» в парке Победы в Зеленограде.jpg

The Victory Park in Zelenograd was officially opened 35 years ago, and the park's central fountain has remained its main attraction ever since. The fountain is designed as a long staircase going towards a pond, with six water basins along the way; the water is cascading down the basins mimicking a waterfall or a mountain creek.

Over the years, the fittings of the fountain have worn out, so when the park was undergoing renovations, the facing and the engineering systems of the fountain were replaced with new ones. By 2019, the Cascade fountain had been updated and gained a new feature: artistic illumination during nighttime. After the sunset, the water starts changing colours as if there is a fantasy river flowing in the park.

Мой Район

My Region programme of the Moscow Mayor offers equal development terms for all city districts considering their specifics. The programme takes into account the opinions and needs of residents of specific districts, builds new spaces for recreation, sports, and cultural entertainment, renovates old ones, and creates a convenient urban environment. From now on, a comfortable and modern city is not just about the city centre.

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