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The Most Interesting Recreation Areas in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky Districts


Discover the Parks of New Moscow

The green areas of the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky Districts are unique natural zones landscaped in accordance with the latest Moscow trends. New Moscow's natural areas span a territory of 75,000 hectares (or 50% of its total area). The parks in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky Districts have been built on the sites of former urban forests and wastelands. Thanks to the My District programme, the number of recreation areas within walking distance of local residents' homes is always increasing.

Filatov Lug Park in Moskovsky

2020 marked the opening of Moskovsky settlement's Filatov Lug Park, where restoration work began in April 2019 as part of the My District programme. The 28.8-hectare territory is part of Ulyanovsk urban park. While local residents often chose this place for their walks, it was unable to adequately meet their needs for a long time.

The restoration has transformed and expanded the park's recreation area with new footpaths, eco-trails, a running route and special recreation and picnic zones.

Филатов луг.jpg

The park has several dedicated areas for sporty visitors, including a volleyball court, a football pitch, a workout area and outdoor exercise equipment.

Children are sure to find something interesting here as well: a number of areas in the park have been fitted with playgrounds (one of the larger ones has a zip line) and an unusual structure with pipe slides. At around 11 metres high, the slides are moderately extreme and are intended for children aged 8 and up.

The park is decorated with small architectural features resembling a forest canopy, including navigational pillars, entrances and pergolas.

Lipovy Park in Sosenskoye

This park has been a favourite walking spot among Kommunarka residents for over a decade, with the first trees and flower beds appearing here back in 1935. In 2017, the recreation area underwent a comprehensive landscaping effort aimed at outfitting the park with modern infrastructure while preserving the area as people remembered it.

Some of the restored historical monuments include the arch of the Kommunarka state farm (accessible from Aleksandry Monakhovoy Street) and the Alley of Glory, which is located further down the thoroughfare and immortalises prominent local residents.

Липовый парк.jpg

The park was also decorated with an art installation: a weathering-steel sculpture in the shape of a linden leaf that can be seen from the side of Lipovy Park Street.

The renovated recreation area features several sports grounds, including workout areas, outdoor fitness equipment areas, football pitches and basketball courts. The park also has playgrounds where children can ride a zip line or a spinning wheel, as well as test their skills in an interactive playground with special pillars offering a wide range of educational games.

Dubovaya Roshcha Recreation Area in Sosenskoye

Right between residential buildings 1, 3 and 5 on Sosensky Stan Street and building 6 on Alexandra Monakhova Street, there is a small recreation with something to entertain residents of all ages.

Dubovaya Roshcha includes a quiet rest area, a sports cluster (equipped with table tennis tables, punching bags and other outdoor exercise equipment, as well as a basketball court, a hockey rink and a workout area) and numerous playgrounds.

Парк Дубовая роща.jpg

The park is notable for its variety of attractions for younger visitors, including a climbing wall, posters with educational games for toddlers, zip lines and climbing nets. One of the more popular attractions is the so-called 'sand factory', a playground where children can use toy diggers, bowls, scales and other equipment to play with sand.

Another interesting source of fun at the park is its mounted musical instruments. Visitors can play beautiful melodies using the drum, xylophone or trumpets installed here.

Tsyganka River Embankment in Voskresenskoye

The Tsyganka River embankment, which underwent a comprehensive landscaping project in 2018, has since become a landmark of Voskresenskoye settlement. Its 8-hectare recreation area was designed with the natural landscape of the territory in mind.

The park area has an amphitheatre with a stage, and an embankment decorated with a serpentine wooden deck stretches along the river. Visitors can also relax on the park's sofas (which come in a variety of designs) or sit in a cosy hanging 'cocoon' chair.

Воскресенское - Набережная реки Цыганки

Children won't get bored either. For young visitors, the park has an unusual playground with sand surfacing, slides and a small climbing wall. The park also has a zip line.

The forested section of the park has a football pitch, an area with exercise equipment and table tennis tables. Guests can also have barbecues in the park's recreation area.

Rasskazovka Park in Vnukovskoye Settlement

Located between the Peredelkino Blizhnee and Solntsevo-Park microdistricts along Borovskoye Highway, Rasskazovka Park opened its doors to visitors back in 2017.

The renovation work was carried out with consideration of the uniqueness of the location. For example, the entrances to the park feature arches with portraits of Anna Akhmatova and Boris Pasternak. These literary motifs are there for a reason: not far from the recreation area lies the famous writers' village of Peredelkino, and nearby streets are named after Akhmatova and Pasternak.


The forested areas of Rasskazovka have been carefully preserved to hide their paths, rest areas and other functional areas under the shade of the trees.

The park also has sports grounds, as well as special areas for children. There are also interactive areas in addition to traditional playgrounds, including a football goal, a dance floor, a DJ controller and a playground equipped with electronic pillars.

There is also a small adventure park for children. While the children are having fun, parents can have a picnic or work at one of the park's tables.

Recreation Area by the Pond at Voronovsky's LMS Settlement

In 2019, the area surrounding the pond in the Central microdistrict of Voronovskoye underwent a radical transformation. The project included landscaping the nearby forest, cleaning the pond and reinforcing its banks. The park itself was expanded with a variety of infrastructure features.

The pond is decorated with floating fountains. Visitors can watch them from the comfort of the embankment's gazebos, benches and 'cocoon' chairs.

Вороновское - Зона отдыха у Центрального пруда

For those who prefer a more active lifestyle, the park has fitness equipment, a skate park and a stage for holding various events. The park also has a children's playground. Those who enjoy quiet walks can take advantage of the network of pathways and elegant bridges across the stream.

Pykhtino Park in Vnukovskoye Settlement

It took more than two years to renovate the area near the Likovka River. The fourth stage of the park restoration project was finally completed in autumn 2019.

In this time, the natural area has become a popular spot for leisure activities. Visitors to Pykhtino Park can do sport (the park is equipped with outdoor exercise equipment and workout areas), play the traditional Russian game of gorodki or just relax on the embankment. Guests often come to the park for picnics or barbecues in its special cottages and gazebos.


Another outstanding feature of the park is its marine-themed playground. The playground features wavy benches on a blue floor covering, and the site boasts a play structure resembling a lighthouse and a submarine.

Klenovo Estate Park in Klenovskoye

The first mentions of this estate appear at the beginning of the 17th century, though neither the floor plans of the building nor the original layout plan of the park have survived to this day. As part of the My District programme, it was decided to breathe new life into this place and restore it to its former glory. The renovated recreation area opened in 2019.

Since the restoration work, the park has become a place for visitors of all ages to relax in interesting, comfortable surroundings. It now has two playgrounds: one in the style of a castle, the other resembling a sailing frigate. Newly-built structures include a wooden amphitheatre with a stage for events, as well as pergolas with benches and gazebos with carousels that make for peaceful relaxation areas.

Vatutinki Sports Park in Desenovskoye

The sports park in Desenovskoye opened in autumn 2019. Before its renovation, this area was a litter-covered urban forest.

Today, it's a sports cluster that has something for fans of a wide range of sports. The park boasts a large football pitch surrounded by running tracks, as well as exercise equipment and a workout area, a hockey rink and a sports ground for playing gorodki. In addition, the park has a bike path and a small pump track.

Десеновское - Парк Ватутинки.JPG

There are also playgrounds and a climbing complex for younger visitors. The park has a special walking area for visitors with dogs.

Despite the focus on sport, there's also a recreational side to the park. Visitors can relax on the banks of the Desna River, which has been outfitted with pergolas, benches, an observation deck and several gazebos. The park's amphitheatre stage makes it a great venue for major events.

Мой Район

My Region programme of the Moscow Mayor offers equal development terms for all city districts considering their specifics. The programme takes into account the opinions and needs of residents of specific districts, builds new spaces for recreation, sports, and cultural entertainment, renovates old ones, and creates a convenient urban environment. From now on, a comfortable and modern city is not just about the city centre.

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