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The History of the Moscow Manege Guided Tour

An Exhibition Area in Moscow's Historic Centre

The building of ‘Big Manege’ was constructed in 1817 under the order of Alexander I to celebrate the fifth anniversary of victory in 1812 war. It took eight months to complete this construction designed by Agustin Betancourt and executed by a special group of engineers and architects subordinate to a Moscow chief inspector of hydraulic and land works Major General Lev Karboniye. Back then the building used to be called an ‘exercise house” (house of military exercises).

This online guided tour will discuss the history of the Moscow Manege, including its development and design, how the purpose of the building changed, and its significance today.

The tour will be led by Sophia Davydova.

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The Big Manege building was designed by Agustin Betancourt in 1817 to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the victory in the Patriotic War of 1812. Today, it is Russia's primary exhibition hall and an important part of Moscow's history and architecture.

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