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SUP Surfing


Several Places for Beginners and Professionals

SUP surfing is a sport for people looking for new experiences and who love to relax on the water. Nowadays, there are SUP clubs in Moscow, where you can learn SUP surfing from scratch, improve your skills, enjoy the picturesque views of bodies of water and just have a great time.

SUP Spot Moscow

It's an oasis of SUP culture in Strogino: hourly rental of SUP boards, SUP surfing lessons for children and beginners, SUP tours and even SUP yoga.
Strogino Floodplain is protected from navigation and therefore safe for initial training in SUP surfing.


Price: hiring: RUB 800 per hour and up, training for beginners: RUB 1,500 (1.5 hour) and up, SUP yoga: RUB 1,500 (1.5 hour)

Opening hours: daily
Hiring boards 10:00–20:00

Location: Moscow, Stroginskoye highway, tenancy 3

Find out more about opening hours and prices on

SUP club

The project offers SUP rides and SUP tours on the Moscow's rivers and water bodies, as well as SUP surfing training for adults and children. Each ride starts with a rowing and safety instruction.


Price: RUB 2,000 and up (a 2-hour ride)

Opening hours: daily. Ride sessions: from 9:45 till 20:45. Physical exercises: from 7:00 till 21:00 on weekdays

Location: Moscow, Serebryany Bor, beach #3, the Uletay recreational area

For more information, please visit

SUP Centre

SUP surf training and hiring SUP boards in Moscow city and region. Instructions from professional sportspeople, picturesque routes and free photos as a keepsake.


Price: from RUB 1,700 up to RUB 2,400. Riding along the route and improving technique under the guidance of an instructor—2 hours

Opening hours: daily. You can find information about available places and exact time on the website. The club also offers a 2.5-hour SUP safari with an instructor

Location: Moscow, Serebryany Bor, beach #3

Please click here to register for classes and to find out more

Saptatych Tourist SUP Club

Long river SUP tours designed for adults and children aged 6 or older. A tour features a photo shoot, lunch and pleasant surprises throughout the journey.


Price: RUB 2,000 per person and up, including hiring equipment, training, lunch, photo session and return transfer

Opening hours: Saturdays and Sundays (tours last 1–3 days)

Location: Moscow, Bagrationovsky passage, 12 А (sales office)

You can find detailed information about the tour duration and route on the website


The Moswake club has its own enclosed area and offers many options for active recreation on the water. SUP surfing is available as well: hiring, instruction and, of course, SUP rides.



Hiring a board on weekdays: RUB 600 per hour and up; on weekends: RUB 800 per hour and up

Opening hours: daily

Location: the Moscow Region, Mytishchinsky district, Troitskoye village settlement, the Troitskoye recreational centre

You can find more information about prices and hiring times on the project website

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