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Places to Ride a Zip Line in Moscow


A Popular Urban Form of Entertainment

Zip lines are one of the most popular leisure activities in the city. Many Moscow parks that have been landscaped as part of the My District programme offer young and adult visitors alike the opportunity to take a fun ride. In this article, we will tell you where in Moscow you can enjoy this breathtaking form of entertainment absolutely free.

Buckled Up And Ready to Go

The most common type of zip line available in parks is one reminiscent of the kind of makeshift zip lines often found tied to a tree over a pond in a forested area. However, in modern zip lines, the weight is supported not by a fragile branch, but rather by a ropeway with a movable pulley with a harness attached to it. This design provides greater stability when harnessed to the zip line and requires little to no effort to ride: all you need to do is crouch, build up some momentum and away you go. One such zip line complex can be found in the park near the Onezhsky community centre in Moscow's Golovinsky District. A 30-metre-long zip line has been installed here for children aged 7 to 14 to ride in safety. The structure has been fitted with a special platform with a small slope to help build momentum and land more comfortably. Colourful zip lines with seats and acceleration platforms can also be found at Babushkinsky, Dzhamgarovsky, Ivanovsky, Chapaevsky, Delegatsky and Krasnogvardeyskiye Prudy parks, where the attractions come equipped with high wooden slopes. What's more, the playground at Sveta Park in Bibirevo features an artificial hill situated at the start of the zip line that makes it easier for riders to jump off and gain momentum.

Чапаевский парк Хорошевский.jpg

Chapaevsky Park

Zip lines at Filatov Lug Park in Moskovsky settlement (Troitsky and Novomoskovsky Districts), Sadovniki Park in Nagatino-Sadovniki, Khodynskoe Pole Park in Khoroshevsky and 50-Letiya Oktyabrya Park on Vernadsky Avenue also come with seats but have a slightly different design. Instead of having a platform for accelerating and landing, there is a step installed at one end of the zip line that makes it more convenient for children to climb into the seat by themselves. The zip lines at Khodynskoye Pole and 50-Letiya Oktyabrya parks are also designed to be ridden by two children at the same time. The total length of these zip lines amounts to 28 to 30 metres, and the age limit is 6 and up. A zip line with a step for older children aged 12 and up is also available at Mitino Landscape Park. Its length totals 20 metres.

сквер Дубовая роща по ул Сосенсий стан (поселение Сосенское).jpg

Dubovaya Roshcha Garden Square

Iron Grip

The playground at Khodynskoye Pole Park is equipped with a 'metal' zip line: here, instead of a traditional ropeway, visitors ride along a curved steel pipe. This zip line doesn't require riders to build up much speed, as the bend of the pipe itself provides enough momentum. However, there is another difficulty: the lack of a seat. To ride the 7-metre-long zip line, young visitors need to hold on to rotating handles with both hands and push off the platform. The complexity of the ride is offset by its athletic benefits: just a few minutes of riding like this makes for a decent workout for your child's arm muscles.

Similar zip lines can also be found at Dubovaya Roshcha Garden Square in New Moscow's Sosenskoye settlement, at Svyatoslava Fyodorova Park in the Beskudnikovsky District, and at Khodynskoye Pole and Sadovniki parks (the latter of which has a metal zip line with not one but two sections).

Ходынское поле_Хорошевский_тарзанка.JPG

Khodynskoye Pole Park

A Substitute for a Skateboard

Want to ride a skateboard but don't have one? Or perhaps you already have one, but you're not confident in your skills yet? Either way, you can get solid fundamental training at special ropeway complexes that imitate pump track ramps. Such complexes are made from a stretched chain with handles and a metal arc holding a movable platform that serves as a pretend skateboard. By holding the two handles firmly and speeding up on the platform, you can do jumps at both ends of the zip line — just like at a real skatepark. These structures are suitable for children aged 6 and up, as well as adults. Such 'ramps' are already available in several public spaces around Moscow, for example, at the aforementioned Sadovniki Park and Dubovaya Roshcha Garden Square.

Джамгаровский парк Лосиноостровский тарзанка.jpg

Dzhamgarovsky Park

For the Younger Ones

If your child really wants to ride a zip line but isn't old enough, they can get some practice using swings and seesaws that imitate the experience of riding a zip line. For instance, Levoberezhny Park has two such play complexes for children aged 3 to 4. The first is a chain swing on a wooden frame that can fit up to three children at once and has seats similar to those found on a zip line. Here, children can swing and spin in different directions to their hearts' content, push off the ground and jump up and down. Instead of traditional seesaws, the park features special ones equipped with bouncing seats that can be ridden by up to four children at once: all you need is find yourself a partner.

Парк Левобережный_Левобережный.JPG

Levoberezhny Park


The zip lines in Moscow's parks designed with an eye for safety. Their ropeways are fitted with braking sections that jolt riders in the opposite direction, preventing children from sliding off course. In addition, zip lines are usually installed in playgrounds with soft rubber surfacing that minimises the chance of injury in the event of a fall. Naturally, despite the fact that these zip lines meet all safety requirements, it's recommended that children only ride under the supervision of their parents—just to be safe.

Мой Район

My Region programme of the Moscow Mayor offers equal development terms for all city districts considering their specifics. The programme takes into account the opinions and needs of residents of specific districts, builds new spaces for recreation, sports, and cultural entertainment, renovates old ones, and creates a convenient urban environment. From now on, a comfortable and modern city is not just about the city centre.

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