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One Day in the Fairy Tale Park


How to Have a Dream Vacation with Your Children

Say you have planned to spend a whole day with your children outdoors in a place where you can find activities for both adults and children and have a good meal.

Then the Fairy Tale park is perfect for you. Seven hectares of well-conditioned convenient open space. Over 50 attractions and themed zones for people of all ages, a smartly designed food court with an accessible and healthy menu.

The park has gathered various attractions and zones which have no parallel in the Russian capital. Moscow's one-of-a-kind 9-storey-high slide allowing to accelerate to 67 km/h, a 40-metre power tower, Grand Swing Ride rising up to 30 metres.

It is going to be a big mistake if you stick to your plan in such a place. No matter how well you study the park map, no matter what attractions you choose on the website, no matter how carefully you plan your route, your children, once coming there, will surely scatter in different directions.

Замок крестов.jpg

Let things take their course. Begin your route with an attraction zone. Let your children waste their energy to the max while you are searching for a place to have a snack or take a rest in the shade.

Provide your children with some admission tickets for attractions and let them decide which one(s) to take.

When the children get exhausted on attractions, take them for a lunch to any desired restaurant. You can choose the Nothern Lights restaurant or the Da! Blin café with convenient tables and a shelter from the sun. You can also buy some food from mobile vendors and have a seat at vacant tables or lay a blanket on the grass.

While you're getting revitalised, you can offer your children themed zones. Attended attraction zone will not distract your children's attention, so you can take your time and enjoy themed zones.

Парк Сказка_2

These include: the largest Dinopark in Moscow, ethnocultural complexes Husky Land and Alpaca Park housing human-sick charming huskies and affectionate alpacas, the UFO Museum where you can navigate a spaceship and face creatures from outer space, 3D maze Magical Forest with incredibly beautiful passages opening doors to fantastic worlds, a funny illusion Mirror Maze where visitors will meet many versions of themselves, the Baba Yaga's Hut which starts a journey through fairy tales and epics with a famous traditional Russian female character, who is actually not scary at all, and her cat, and the House Up Bottom gallery which is literally upside down.

The Fairy Tale Park is convenient for navigating from one zone to another. You can easily agree on activities for each member of your family. Almost everything is available here: jumping, running, flying with dinosaurs, trains, cars, sandpits and swings, in terms of social distancing and clean open environment.

While you are getting to know the park, you can also follow the children's reactions to different zones to find out what kind of holiday they may want for their birthday.

For example, it could be an interactive program The Story of an Abandoned Village in the Husky Land zone with archery, walrus and deer hunting, riddles in the Hunter's House, legends in the Shaman's House, rituals of the peoples of the North and, of course, activities with dogs.

Альпака девочки.JPG

Or an exciting and moving trip to the land of lovely alpacas inhabiting the Alpaca Park. Children can take a quest to learn some curious facts about Suri and Huacaya alpacas and talk to these nice and smiling animals.

Or you could go to the planet of the dinosaurs. The Dinopark quest takes visitors to the era of dinosaurs. Challenging tasks will help develop attention, visual memory, reasoning and imagination in children.

Finish your visit with a couple of rides on an attraction you enjoyed the most. On your way to your car, ask your children how was their day and suggest that they make up their own dream scenario for the next visit.


The children's theme park Fairy Tale is a Moscow land of magic and recreation for all family members. 7 hectares of fairy tale world created by Russian landscape designers near Zhivopisny Bridge in Krylatskoye.

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