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Olonetskiy Proyezd park


The picturesque embankments of the Yauza River, poetic landscapes and romance

Olonetskiy Proyezd park is the green pearl of the northeastern district of Moscow and has the status of a specially protected nature reserve. In the park, you will find modern sports areas and playgrounds, sports equipment rentals, unusual and curious buildings and a clean biopond with a pair of swans. For the convenience of pedestrians and cyclists, a bike path stretches several kilometres along the Yauza river.


The balustraded stairs

Going up the Yauza riverbank, you will find another place where visitors love to take pictures—the balustraded stairs. Here, you can feel tranquillity and harmony with nature amidst the bustling megalopolis. And the luckiest visitors may see the family of beavers that live in the park.

Start your route at the rotunda designed in the neoclassical style. It has a special atmosphere, making it a favourite place for romantic photo-shoots and wedding ceremonies.

Лестница с баллюстрадой

Bio pond

Turning left from the balustraded stairs and crossing a small bridge over the Yauza, you will find a clean bio pond with rich flora and fauna. Visitors may be able to catch a glimpse of its residents: a family of ducks and a beautiful pair of swans named Peter and Fevronia.


Bronze beaver sculpture

A bronze beaver sculpture was put up next to the bio pond in 2020. It has become a true symbol of the park, as the busy beavers have a direct impact on the ecosystem of Olonetskiy Proyezd park. It is thanks to the beavers that the high level of the local water reservoirs is maintained, having a positive impact on the local ecosystem and the lives of the flora and fauna. Besides, beavers are some of the best parents in the animal world, and Olonetskiy Proyezd park is a family park.


Sports grounds And Rentals

Olonetskiy Proyezd park offers a large variety of sports grounds for working out, playing volleyball, tennis and basketball.

Sports equipment rentals are available in Olonetskiy Proyezd park right next to 11 Sukhonskaya street. Here you can rent pedal cars for kids and adults, electric cars for kids, bicycles and pony-cycles.



One of the most popular places among young people is the skatepark, where you can go skateboarding, biking, scootering and roller-skating. You can get to the skatepark from the side of the first house on Sukhonskaya street.

Скейт парк

Olonetskiy Proyezd park stretches along both banks of the Yauza river. The total area of the park is 49.9 hectares. The park has a volleyball court, a tennis court, a skatepark, a go-kart track and workout areas. The park has many paths for taking a walk, comfortable benches and beautiful works of art. Across from it, there is a large landscaped walking area along Sukhonskaya street with playgrounds, pergolas and places to relax.

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