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'Moscow is a giant multicoloured comic book'


My name if Liza. I was born and live in Moscow. I'm in the first form at school No. 2097

On school and the ideal morning

My favourite subjects are Russian and Literary Reading. Math is a little complicated, but I cope well in general. In fact, I like all subjects and I like school. My day begins with a kiss from my mum and a good breakfast. Then we check my school bag to make sure everything is there: my textbooks, notebooks, and especially my multicoloured pens.


On comic strips and the vibrant city

I love comic strips! Tom & Jerry, Duck Tales, Asterix, Looney Tunes and Bone. When I grow up, I'll create my own comic strip. I want to be an artist. I draw a lot and I think up stories to go with my drawings. Stories are all around us! Moscow looks to me as a giant multicoloured comic book. Every neighbourhood has its own colours. Material for my stories can be found in every nook on every street. You just need to look around and be attentive.


On playgrounds

I live in Yuzhnoe Tushino. I like my neighbourhood very much. My parents often take me out for walks in the park. There is this great park, North Tushino, in our neighbourhood. When you walk past the apple orchard there, listening to bird songs, it is hard to believe you are in the middle of a metropolis. It seems more likely that you are out of town, somewhere amid nature.

Meshchersky Park has my favourite playground and a nice sandy beach. There are lots of unusual playgrounds in Moscow, both in the centre and on the outskirts. There is a cool playground in Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill. There are lots of things to climb and not so many people there.


On plans to visit museums

No one's ever bored in our city. You can go to the cinema (my favourite film is Frozen, mum and I watched it on the big screen), walk around, stop by a bookshop to leaf through some books or go buy some paints and paper. The museums I've had a good time at are the Darwin Museum, Zoological Museum, Pushkin Museum and Experimentanium. I enjoyed the Egyptian Room most of all at the Pushkin Museum.

I really want to go to the Planetarium someday, and the museums at the Moscow Kremlin. There are so many things I have never seen! I guess it is still difficult for me to imagine how huge Moscow really is.

'No one's ever bored in our city'


On my favourite plays

My parents are into theatre. We have been to the Moscow Children's Variety Theatre a few times. I liked the play The Wizard of the Emerald City a lot. It is about a wonderful and eventful journey. Later, mum and I read the book that the play is based on. It's by the writer Alexander Volkov. I like stories like that, stories that have adventure, different characters, each with their own personality, and true friendship. Another play I enjoyed at the Variety Theatre was The Princess and the Pea.


On the best day

We have this tradition — we go to the Zoo once a year as a family. We walk around and eat cotton candy. I like to watch the wild cats. I am particularly fond of tigers, lions, snow leopards and cheetahs. I think I could watch the butterflies and parrots forever. I enjoy reading information about the animals. Sometimes I will write things down so I don't forget or learn more later about some animal I like. We tend to spend the entire day at the Zoo. I guess it is something of a small holiday for me.


On Moscow winters

Of all seasons, I feel the greatest affinity for the winter. How is it possible not to enjoy the winter? Many people say that winters are bleak, unfriendly, and there are too few colours, only white and grey. But that is so not true! What about green firs, Christmas ornaments, street decorations, red, blue and orange snow saucers and sledges or multicoloured hats? Moscow looks like a fairy-tale land in the winter. Even during those times when there is little snow in the winter, the city still has a festive and magical atmosphere. You look around and you feel like saying 'Thank you! Thanks that everything is so beautiful!'

'Moscow looks like a fairy tale land in the winter'


The special Muscovites project is dedicated to the heroes of our city: ordinary people with their own views on Moscow. You can meet them in a café, on the street, at the theatre or the supermarket. Perhaps, you sat across from their table, stood in the same queue or were on the same bus late to work just yesterday. Muscovites, let's get acquainted.

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