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I'm Tim Novitsky, I was born and raised
in Moscow


I work as a drainage technician in the Moscow Metro lines

About my first Metro ride

I must have been three or four when my mother took me down the Metro escalator for the first time, at Vykhino station. We rode to Smolenskaya. The old blue cars were still in service. They had brown seats, warm lamplight and old Metro maps on the walls.

I grew fond of the Metro on that first trip and began to obsess over its every detail: from the models and mechanisms of the trains to the history and architecture of the stations. I made up my mind in senior high school: I wanted to train for a job on the Moscow Metro. I graduated from a railway college and got a job with the track maintenance service.

Most guys who are into railways want to be an engine driver. I did too initially, but then I realised that I enjoy the sight of the tunnel through the glass, and I want to work in the tunnel itself. So I became a track maintenance man. My current job is to maintain the Metro's mainline tunnels, water drainage systems and facilities, that is, the flood control pipes and pumping stations. To put it plainly, we make sure the Metro is always dry.


On my personal cabriolet

My friends and I have a machine shop where we engineer, build and sometimes invent things. We decided to build ourselves a motor rail trolley in 2018. We were walking on some rail tracks one time, talking, and we came up with the idea of a small concept rail car with a fully-featured control panel, to be propelled by a petrol-powered engine. It was my childhood dream to own a mini-train.

We went to work and finished our rail trolley by the summer of 2019. We own a small testing ground, and we tested our invention there. We called it our 'Cabriolet' because a rail trolley is a summer vehicle.

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About the Severny Riverboat Station and 'The Metro's Brother'

One of my favourite places in Moscow, the Severny Riverboat Station, reopened after a renovation last autumn. As a product of hydro-engineering, the Moscow Canal is in a league by itself. They call it 'The Metro's Brother'. The canal is a masterpiece of both engineering and architecture.

The other place where I relax and recharge is Severnoe Tushino Park. There are a few unusual engineering landmarks there worth mentioning. There is a real submarine, for example. You can climb inside the Novosibirsky Komsomolets diesel-powered submarine to check out its inner workings. Then you can take a walk down the embankment to see the Orlyonok ground-effect aircraft.

If you are in the park at night, you can enjoy a great view of the rejuvenated riverboat station right across the river. The illumination, the architecture, the water — it is unbelievably beautiful!


On my home neighbourhood and its landmarks

I have lived in Veshnyaki since the day I was born. On the face of it, it's just like any other peripheral bedroom community. But trust me: it is not just any neighbourhood. First of all, I think it is the greenest neighbourhood in Moscow. The architecture is not all plain and prefab, either: a ring-house and a wave-house were pioneered here under the tutelage of the architect Viktor Lebedev.

Secondly, the Kuskovo Estate, the former property of the Counts Sheremetev, is in my neighbourhood. The park on that estate is Moscow's only surviving French-style park. The best time to take walks here is in the spring when the snow has melted but there's still another month to go before the rail trolley can hit the tracks.

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About weekends in Moscow

It's fun to simply ride a tram in Moscow. I love public transport. I can spend all day riding through neighbourhoods, transferring from buses to trams and back. Then I often ride the length of the Central Ring and get on the Metro. I like how there's always a choice of things to do in Moscow. It is physically impossible to get bored. I have several ideas for an ideal weekend in Moscow: spend some time in the workshop and then take a girl out for a walk in the park, ending with a wonderful dinner in some restaurant.

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The special Muscovites project is dedicated to the heroes of our city: ordinary people with their own views on Moscow. You can meet them in a café, on the street, at the theatre or the supermarket. Perhaps, you sat across from their table, stood in the same queue or were on the same bus late to work just yesterday. Muscovites, let's get acquainted.

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