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День в парке: усадьба «Воронцово»


A Chinese garden, a Turkish fortress and a Russian estate

The historic Vorontsovo Estate is not only an important example of historical architecture, but also a favourite recreation spot for residents of the South-Western Administrative District and other parts of Moscow. The park offers all kinds of amenities for pleasant recreation: playgrounds for children, amusement rides, street cafes, etc.

A journey into the estate's history

Ансамбль парадного въезда

The best way to start your visit to this park is by checking out its attractions. Enter through the main entrance is decorated to resemble a triumphant "Turkish Fortress", commemorating the victories of N. Repnin, one of the estate's owners in the Russo-Turkish wars. To the right of the Turkish Fortress complex stands the Life-Giving Trinity temple. Within the park you will find the northern utility building (with its dome adorned with a statute of the Goddess Flora), which today serves as a greenhouse. Behind it stands the Big Vorontsovsky pond; for the best view, stand along the wooden bridge.

The estate's buildings are currently closed to visitors, awaiting renovation. You can make use of the audio-guide in the Get to Know Moscow application. It will tell you about the estate's different owners, the construction of an airship in its territory and other interesting historic facts.

A snack for any taste


There are three cafes on the shores of the pond. You can grab a burger at Fat Father, or taste a freshly made pizza straight from the oven at Pizzamento, or get some "home-baked" treats at Homies. All cafes offer great views of the pond.

Amusement for kids

Аллея игр.jpg

The park sports two playgrounds. In the evening, the playground on the Southern beam tends to be quite popular with visitors, featuring glow-in-the-dark swings.

You can also drop by the Alice in Wonderland game alley. It offers a broad range of thematic rides, plus you can take some fairy-tale inspired photos there. The Caterpillar excursion train makes a stop at the greenhouse — hop on there for a tour of the central area of the park. The train travels around the park from 10 am until 9 pm.

Next to the playground, by the stage, you can go horseback riding and take part in workshops on how to paint on gingerbread or ceramic figurines. These will make great souvenirs from the park. The workshops are offered every day from 11 am until 7 pm, depending on the weather.

Health and fitness


The park is a great place for health and fitness. A gravel jogging track runs around the entire perimeter of the park. The park also offers several work-out zones and ping pong tables. There are also several basketball and volleyball courts.

You can also rent a bicycle, a velomobile or a scooter. The rental shops are located near the greenhouse and on the shore of the big Vorontsovsky pond opposite the Pizzamento cafe. They are open from 10 am until 9 pm every day.

The best spots for photo shoots

Оранжерейный корпус.jpg

Make sure you snap a few pictures as mementos. Royal court style pictures can be taken by the greenhouse building or by the main entrance. The most popular spots for taking photos are on the bridge at the big pond in the Chinese garden.

Secluded relaxation

Китайский сад

The best place to spend a quiet evening is in the park labyrinths, a cosy gazebo in the Chinese garden or on Love Island in the lower pond. You will find seclusion in any one of those places, allowing you to experience the harmony between man and nature.

If you're into outdoor recreation, you can also visit the oak tree grove, which has some two-hundred-plus year old oak trees. Make sure to bring some treats for the local squirrels: they're not at all scared of people and will walk right up to you hoping for some nuts.


The Vorontsovo estate is an old Russian estate, famous since the 16th century. It's a unique piece of garden architecture protected by the state. It has a total area of 40.7 hectares. Today the estate has numerous structures, a cascade of ponds, an oak grove, as well as Italian and Chinese gardens.

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