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A day in the park: Sokolniki


A space for sports and recreation

Health and fitness aficionados are offered numerous opportunities in Sokolniki park: you can go cycling or jogging, do some yoga, and there is also a skate park, as well as tons of other options. However, the park is also a great destination for those who simply want to kick back and relax, seeing how there are sites with deck chairs, special zones for peace and quiet and even a library.


For joggers and athletes


Joggers enjoy running the route around the Putyaevskie ponds cascade as well as the health and fitness track. In addition, the park offers a skate park with ramps for doing tricks as well as sports equipment rental shops. Visitors can rent bicycles and roller skates, hover-boards and scooters, velomobiles and other equipment; moreover, there is also a trampoline arena.

In the 3rd Luchevoi way, you can play tennis or table tennis. There are cycling tracks in the 1st and 6th Luchevoi way as well as along the Bogorodskoe highway and Matochny garden.

The park offers yoga classes several times per week as well as a volleyball court.

Going to the park with kids


For kids, Sokolniki park offers high rope courses and well-equipped playgrounds. In addition, it now has an amusement park.

Rental shops offer a broad range of child-friendly electric cars of different colours. Young parents are best advised to walk along the more peaceful and quiet zones for their walks: these include paths along to Golden and May ponds.

Summer recreation


Sokolniki park offers plenty of shade to get out of the summer heat: there is a new recreational site called "The Bassein" along Mitkovsky way, while the Cinema clearing offers wooden deck chairs to recline and relax in.

Grabbing a bite to eat in Sokolniki park


Sokolniki park has a broad range of cafes and restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines. These include the Lilac restaurant with an outdoor, rooftop veranda, the Merkato pizzeria offering Italian pizza and homemade lemonades, the Crafted burger joint, the "Peon" cafe that offers Belgian waffles, a barbecue, as well as a variety of chain kiosks. You can get tea or coffee to go from the Kaldis cafe while a kiosk on Sand Alley offers the famous Czech trdelník.

Arts and entertainment


For those who prefer arts and entertainment over health and fitness, Sokolniki park offers the Bukvodom library, where you can also read about healthy lifestyles. The ground floor of the park directorate building houses an exhibition on the history of the park featuring a thematic expositions entitled, "A Portrait with a Landscape in the Background: Old Sokolniki in Faces" and "A Park for the Kids! Recreation in Soviet Times".


Sokolniki park offers a unique combination of nature, park architecture and national art, a monument exhibiting the art of gardening. The park has an area of 515.7 hectares, tracing its history as a point of recreation back to the 15th century. Sokolniki park has well-developed infrastructure that allows visitors to find lots of interesting things to do, even in winter.

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