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День в парке: Парк им. 50-летия Октября


Calm and relaxing family recreation

Park 50th Anniversary of October is for good reason considered one of the largest parks in Moscow's South West: the park occupies an area of 103 hectares along the bank of the Ramenka river between Udaltsova Street and Prospekt Vernadskogo. Getting to the park is quite easy — simply exit from Prospekt Vernadskogo metro station's northern hall and you will find yourself on the park's main pathway.


You can go for a walk or rent one of the multitude of vehicles offered for hire here. Park 50th Anniversary of October has two rental shops. The first is located not far from the park entrance from Prospekt Vernadskogo metro station. The other can be found in the park's central area next to the skating rink. To the left of the park entrance sits an all season tubing slope where, as the name suggests, you can go tubing on at any time of the year. It contains a special sliding surface capable of withstanding temperature changes, as well as physical damage.


Family Square is the central and most recognisable spot in Park 50th Anniversary of October. The first thing that visitors notice about the square is the art object that locals have nicknamed the "Palms".

The "My Family" art instillation was unveiled in the park in 2008, proclaimed by Russia as the Year of the Family

Once the sculpture had been set up, it soon became the park's calling card.


Four sculptures of different colours were erected in the middle of a flower bed resembling four hands, two as arcs. The designer's idea was that two of the hands belong to the parents and two to their children.

The square is also home to a children's recreation zone, a cosy cafe and a dance floor that regularly hosts a broad range of events.


Park 50th Anniversary of October was founded on the banks of the Ramenka river in 1967. In 2017–2018, the park underwent a comprehensive renovation, which included the construction of a special zone to play table tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball, as well as a rock climbing centre and other modern facilities. Other notable sights in the park include a pathway dedicated to the veterans of the partisan resistance movements along with a monument commemorating veterans of the Soviet-Afghan war.


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