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A day in the park: Northern Tushino


Playgrounds, topiary, a museum and much more

Northern Tushino park offers opportunities for a rich, eventful day. The park offers sports zones, children's playgrounds, beaches and embankments. Moreover, those who are more into arts and entertainment are bound to appreciate the unique collections of the Naval History Museum.

Summer outdoor pontoon swimming pool


On a sunny day, the best place to start your visit to the park is by dropping by one of the best summer recreation destination here: the pontoon swimming pool. The swimming pool is surrounded by greenery, and in the summer it is the most visited spot in the park. At 20 by 10 metres in size, the pool is open from 10 am until 10 pm. The water is filtered 24/7. Next to the swimming pool, there is an artificial sandy beach next to the water along with a grass bridge with sun beds.

After going for a swim, it wouldn't hurt to grab a bite to eat and recharge your batteries, seeing how there's still so much left to do. The Brothers Grim cafe offers family breakfasts and oxygen cocktails, the Fasenda cafe offers Italian cuisine, the Beach cafe boasts their trademark burgers, while the Mangal cafe is a great place to find some grilled meat. There are lots of other options too, so anyone can find something to their liking.


Северное Тушино_площадка.JPG

The park has ten sporting zones for workout as well as three all-purpose athletic zones to play volleyball, mini football, basketball and tennis. One of visitors' favourite spots is the ping-pong court.

Electric carts, electric scooters, long boards, scooters, hover-boards and bicycles are also available for hire. Rentals are open from 10 am until 8 pm on work days and from 10 am until 9 pm on weekends.

Amusement park and summer rentals


If you have kids, the park offers roughly twelve different rides. The Octopus is the most popular. Kids also love riding the mini-jet in the company of a cheerful pirate and sea monsters. And for really small kids, the park offers rides like a mini train and inflatable trampolines.

During summer and until September 31st, the amusement park is open from 11 am until 9 pm. Business hours can change depending on weather and events held in the park.

There are 10 playgrounds across the park's territory. The most unusual one is a modern playground comprising two thematic sections: Space and DNA. The DNA playground is stylized in a way that resembles a DNA molecule, with ropes for kids to climb. In the Space section, kids not only play around but also get a closer look at the planets and starts painted on its wooden decorative inserts.

The Animal world topiary


The original landscape sculptures are great to look at in any weather. A short distance away from the main attraction, a 2.4 metre high African elephant with a baby welcomes guests to the playground. A mama bear and a papa bear stand next to the entrance to the tennis courts opposite 78 Freedom Street. And the main square is adorned with a brightly coloured butterfly perching on a sphere with a flowery pattern. The topiary figures are based on two stainless steel frames. The surface of the art objects is made from artificial grass.

The Naval History Museum of Russia


The most popular exhibit in the museum is the 90-metre long B-396 Siberian Komsomolets diesel submarine that served with the navy in the 1980s–1990s. It completed missions in the Mediterranean and Barents Seas as well as the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans.

Visitors can enter inside each of the submarine's compartments and even walk along its deck. Visitors can also observe its weapons systems, instruments and controls, check out the submariner rescue suits, the ship's bell, the captain's cabin, the crew's sleeping bunks and other personal effects.

The six original torpedo tubes have been preserved along with several of the mines and torpedoes it carried on missions. The submarine's central command and control post has been turned into an exposition hall, where visitors can learn about the crew's living conditions.

After visiting the submarine, through "The Greatness and Depth" exposition in the main building of the museum, you can learn about the history of the Russia's submarine fleet, which surprisingly, dates back to the times of Peter the Great.

In the adjacent territory, you can find a Gus-class LCAC amphibious assault craft, and you can also take a ride in a virtual flight simulator.



A great way to end your visit to Northern Tushino park is by taking a stroll through the Apple orchard, which has for many years retained its charms. Another idea is to go for a promenade down the picturesque embankment. You'll be able to enjoy sunset colours that reflect along the waters of the Khimki reservoir.

Северные парки.png

North Tushino park is one of the most modern parks in the capital, founded in 1992. It offers a unique landscape and vegetation that creates the impression of untouched nature among the hustle and bustle of the busy megacity all around it. The park's territory stretches along the picturesque Khimki reservoir and remains a protected natural preserve of Moscow's North Western Administrative District.

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