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A Day in Kidburg


A Trip to Adulthood

In our childhood, we wanted to grow up as soon as possible, drive cars and make medical injections ourselves, run a toy factory and, above all, go to bed without being forced by adults. Now, we dream of being children again when there is no rush, so you can lie down on the grass with a straw in your mouth and gaze at the blue skies or go sledging downhill on a piece of cardboard. And, of course, go to bed for a quiet hour after being stuffed with granny's borscht. Remember this sweet feeling of light-heartedness.

You might like to know that children's dreams of growing up and wishes of adults to make their children happy do come true in one single place.

Today, we will tell you how to get to the city of children leading the adult life, trying different jobs, learning what this or that profession is about and doing it as part of a game with pleasure and under no compulsion.

Down the Road with Clouds


It is easy to get to Kidburg. You do not need airplanes, trains, passports or visas. The city opens its gates for everyone. Here, a small child sleeping in every one of us awakes.

Kidburg is an unparalleled museum with hands-on exhibits where you can learn and master skills, develop yourself and even make profits. After going there once, a child surely will ask for more. Simply because no one forces them to do the dishes, vac their room or clean up the mess after them. In the city, it is children who decide what to do. Kidburg teaches not to be afraid of making mistakes, breaking new grounds or being responsible, introducing children to the power of motivation.

I Would Go Build a House, as Long as You Teach Me


Each Kidburg play centre comprises over 50 professions in themed dedicated playrooms built on vast spaces. A city map will help guests to navigate through the centre.

An enormous range of options is provided: to become a young doctor or a mail sorter, grow fruit and vegetables or give treatment to newborn babies, be a cashier or a shipmaster, try oneself in printing and design or maintain order out in the streets. The centre offers activities for infants: all playrooms and workshops are 1.5+. All activities are performed under the supervision of carefully selected instructors and experts, because Kidburg residents are the most demanding and sincere ones at the same time. They follow people who they trust and who help them.

In order to help children dig deep into a profession, each playroom is equipped with actual professional accessories: even working clothes, materials and equipment are offered. Most importantly, children do not merely play around at Kidburg, they do live here. City news are transmitted over the radio also run by children.

Along Unknown Paths


The decision on the first admission of Kidburg is made by an adult. All the rest is achievements made by your child. In our everyday life, we have lots of duties and activities lacking time for showing our children the diversity of professions, unveiling their hidden talents and developing their abilities in different areas. Most typically, we teach them what we know ourselves mechanically.

Say you can paint. Most likely, you will give your child paints and brushes. What if they are more keen on writing verses?
Being a driver, you let your son hold a wheel for a while. Whereas he dreams of hosting a radio programme.
You're fond of cooking and you always call your daughter for help when baking a pie. While she craves for sailing a yacht.

Kidburg is a venue designed for children. It covers various professions, providing an opportunity to try the desired ones or some new ones. Each field of work requires a specific set of skills: creativity and expertise, teamwork and communication abilities, logical reasoning and persuasiveness. Thus, a child can figure out what they are good at, learn to speak their wishes and goals and listen to other people.

A Big Secret for a Small Company


One of the main attributes of an adult person is a great deal of documents. Children don't have to deal with papers, certificates and fact sheets, and hence, don't realise their importance in human life. When you are a child, things just come and go themselves. You don't need to bother about paying fees, obtaining Form No. 9 at the passport office and filling out application forms. Usually, parents deal with documents without involving their children. Still, parents should explain to their children that these documents are important. Kidburg experts will not merely tell children about documents, they teach how to handle them in a game format. During their first visit, guests receive a Kidburg resident certificate which is then sealed. Participants are granted initial capital, get an employment record book issued, in which all success and mastered skills will be recorded after learning the profession and completing an interactive training. Children play and educate at the same time. They can earn bonuses and local money named 'profi', spend it on things, get a certificate and upgrade their level of proficiency. Each visit here is a new stage, a new step towards the development and a motivation to move on.

It is a pleasure to spend an honest penny. Children will be pleased realising they have obtained some results. They will gladly tell you about their gained experience and share their 'delicious' salary with you.

All jobs are equally important, pick the one to fit your tastes!


Kidburg provides opportunities without limitations! This is it: the actual child's adulthood when a child builds their career. Do you want your child to be a high flyer and a lucky person? Give them a chance right now.

While you're reading this article, they may be sitting near you thinking: what am I good at and what can I learn to do? Open the doors to adult life for your child at Kidburg!


Kidburg is an entire network of smartly designed play centres for children to develop highly demanded skills. The best way to teach a child how to do something is to let them do it on their own, accumulate experience, learn and get confident in their expertise. At Kidburg, children make decisions on their own. They are full-fledged members of the society and architects of their destiny. Kidburg is a children's city designed for children.

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