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Horizontal skyscrapers, cylinder-shaped houses, collapsible partitions and two-storey accommodation units


Avant-Garde Masterpieces of Moscow

Architectural masterpieces of Moscow


Cycle Route "Modern Masterpieces of Moscow"

The legendary Krasny Oktyabr


Krasny Oktyabr. Visiting the Factory Buildings and Its Roof

The important masterpiece of Soviet avant-garde architecture


The Avant-Garde at Shabolovka

The urban plans the narrow Moscow streets had to be turned into huge prospects


Moving Buildings on Tverskaya Street tour

Iconic buildings with interesting designs


Cycle Route "Silver Age of Russian Engineering"

Outstanding monument of the Soviet avant-garde


A Neverland House.Visiting the Narkomfin Building

The imaginary border of the 16th century


Conquest of the Kitay-gorod walking tour