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Сategory 1 K9 specialist and dog training instructor


Igor Galushkin: Ready to Overcome Any and All Obstacles to Achieve the Most Important Goal — Safety

History of Moscow Boulevard


Walk along Novinsky Boulevard

A selection of unusual selfie locations in Moscow


Best photo locations

Story of a sports photographer: sports and work


Ekaterina Zykova: Run in a Company!

Cable line service officer


Alexandra Anufrieva: We Bring Light to the People!

From Boyars to Oligarchs


The History of Elite Housing in Ostozhenka

Lighthouse, Aeroplane , and Exciting Physics


Top 6 Children's Playgrounds in Moscow

Running community, the runner's high, and much more


Viktoria Kiselyova: Moscow Is Perfect for Running

Head of the bridge repairs directorate of the Gormost state budget company


Vasily Mashonin: We Do Good work for the City and Its Residents

Interesting story one of Moscow streets


Povarskaya Street: from Soviet avant-garde to Russian uzorochye style

Enjoy Cycling Season in Moscow


Moscow's Tried and Tested Cycle Routes

Running as a Lifestyle


Ekaterina Bashmakova: Put on a Pair of Trainers and Run!

А maintenance technician with Mosgaz


Dmitry Titov: The Most Important Thing Is a Job Well Done

A unique kaleidoscope of architectural styles


Walk Around Moscow: Moscow's Iconic Buildings

Beloved Activity of Children and Adults


The Most Exciting Swings in Moscow

Places for cardio trainings


Running in Moscow parks

Head of the Strogino lifeguard station


Vladimir Eroshin: I'm Inspired by the Gratitude of the People I Save

Moscow is a city of romance and love


Walk Around Moscow: Romantic Moscow

From Table Tennis to Rugby


Moscow Sports Parks That Have It All

Wakesurfing Tips and Rules


Ksenia Naumova: Wakesurfing Is My Life

6th category diver with the Directorate of Underwater Work at the Mosvodostok state unitary company


Andrey Ivanov: The Work of a Diver Is Never Routine

Where Moscow's Famous Merchants Lived


Wlak arond Moscow: Merchant Moscow

From Tyufeleva Roshcha to the Park of Light


8 New Attractions in Moscow

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