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Happy birthday, dear Moscow!


Moscow — 873

Legendary Public Baths of Moscow


'Have a Light Steam'

An Exhibition Area in Moscow's Historic Centre


The History of the Moscow Manege Guided Tour

Top Spots in Moscow for Exercising Outdoors


Workout Locations in Moscow

Head of Ornithological Flight Safety


Dmitry Larin: You Always Have to Keep on Your Toes

Things to do at VDNH on a summer day



Where to Dance and Make Music Outside in Moscow


Moscow's Music Parks And Garden Squares

Увлекательные лекции о небесных телах


Series of lectures "Colourful Sky"

Running life hacks and favourite routes


Maria Lyzhina: Running Is a Multifunctional Activity

Agent with the limited-mobility passenger service group


Kirill Pischikov: The Smiles and Words of Gratitude from Passengers Are My Biggest Accomplishment

The places associated with the poet's name


Vladimir Mayakovsky's Moscow

A Popular Urban Form of Entertainment


Places to Ride a Zip Line in Moscow

The 30 lessons about contemporary art


Educational programme of the Moscow Biennale

Chief Architect of Moscow — on the significance of running, the importance of physical training


Sergey Kuznetsov: If You Are Serious About Running, You Need an Instructor

Dispatch officer at the resource management unit of the technical directorate


Svetlana Annenkova: No Two Days Are the Same — There's Always Something to Learn and Be Amazed By

From expats to squatters


Walk along Milutinsky Lane

Discover the Parks of New Moscow


The Most Interesting Recreation Areas in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky Districts

The agency has launched a series of special projects for Cosmonautics Day


Discover Space with Special Projects from TASS

Favourite routes, life hacks, and much more


Alexey Komissarov: I Run Through the Mountains in Africa and Across the Tundra in Chukotka

Nurse with the medical unit


Galina Podgornaya: It's Important to Perk the Crew Up Before a Flight

How a swamp turned into a prestigious street


Walk along Spiridonovka Street

The Biggest and Most Unusual Food Markets in Moscow


Cuisine of Moscow

How running becomes an integral part of life


Lyudmila Vasyutina: I Plan My Holidays Around the Dates of Marathons

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