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Things to do at VDNH on a summer day



Playgrounds, topiary, a museum and much more


Northern Tushino

From Culinary Workshops to the Secret Agent School


The Most Popular Activities at Kidzania

The innovative platform for tech companies and inventions


Audio guide of the technopark of Skolkovo

Places for cardio trainings


Running in Moscow parks

The places associated with the poet's name


Vladimir Mayakovsky's Moscow

A space for sports and recreation


A day in the park: Sokolniki

An Exhibition Area in Moscow's Historic Centre


The History of the Moscow Manege Guided Tour

Wakesurfing Tips and Rules


Ksenia Naumova: Wakesurfing Is My Life

From expats to squatters


Walk along Milutinsky Lane

Not just palaces


A day in the park: Tsaritsyno

Увлекательные лекции о небесных телах


Series of lectures "Colourful Sky"

Catch the Wave in Time


Places for Wakesurfing

How a swamp turned into a prestigious street


Walk along Spiridonovka Street

Attractions, entertainment for children and scenic nature


A day in the park: Izmailovsky Park

The 30 lessons about contemporary art


Educational programme of the Moscow Biennale

Several Places for Beginners and Professionals


SUP Surfing

History of Moscow Boulevard


Walk along Novinsky Boulevard

A Chinese garden, a Turkish fortress and a Russian estate


A day in the park: Vorontsovo Estate

The agency has launched a series of special projects for Cosmonautics Day


Discover Space with Special Projects from TASS

Where to Go for Outdoor Swimming


Moscow Swimming Pools

From Boyars to Oligarchs


The History of Elite Housing in Ostozhenka

Take in views of Moscow, play pétanque and much more


A day in the park: Gorky Park

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